Diamond Pads

Welcome to the technological evolution of Nano Abrasion for

maximum ecological polished. 

Once you use Maximo Diamond pads you will never go back!!

 For the maximum finish of Natural Stone Surfaces

Preferred for Terrazzos and Marble floors.

Maximo Diamond Pads®

 Maximo Diamond Pads® for marble, it’s a quick and simple system that offers easy & fast maximum polish results for your marble.

A unique system of professional polishing. Quick and easy application without any experience needed for a MAXIMUM finish.

The white fiber pads with diamond incapsulations have a highly abrasive surface, capable of roughening, refining, and polishing in only three steps.

# 3 Maximo Diamond Pads

Helps remove surface scratches, stains filtered, remnants of previous treatments waxes or marble surface. Preferential use wet.**
(Some stains might require other additional products)


# 2 Maximo Diamond Pad

Completely polishes and refines the surface, erasing marks and others…

Brightness /  matte.

Preferential use wet


# 1 Maximo Diamond Pad

With only water, this pad will create a brightness that can easily be called “Diamond Crystal”

It’s the best system in the market!
Preferential use: First wet then use dry for a beautiful final touch.

**Nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.