Natural Stone Restoration Products

Natural Stone Restoration Products

Browse a wide variety of natural and hybrid stone restoration and cleaning products.

Kong Restoration Depot is a wholesaler of products and equipment for the fabrication, installation, restoration, and maintenance of marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, concrete, and porcelain floors.

In our store, you will find an array of products for all types of flooring projects, such as sandpaper, steel wool, polishing powders, crystallizer, diamond pads, diamond blades, polishing pads, core bits, sealers, adhesives, and acetones.

We also represents the following brands:  Tenax , Miracle, Lanco, Acrytop, Briyolin, Rhyno, NCL and more.

In addition, we offer metallic epoxy flooring products. We sell and rent polishing machines, vacuums, and tools, and we provide training classes. Kong Restoration Depot also offers restoration services for all natural stone floors.