Hurricane Intensive Stone Cleaner


Hurricane™ Intensive Stone Cleaner

HURRICANE Intensive Stone Cleaner is a highly active, extra-strength degreaser, cleaner, and grout film remover that is safe for use on:

  • natural stone
  • terrazzo
  • agglomerate
  • ceramic
  • porcelain tiles

Effectively removes dirt deposits, grease accumulation, food stains, and petroleum-borne soils without affecting the natural structure of the stone.

HURRICANE intensive stone cleaner is intended for use as a periodic cleaner where heavy soiling is present, for construction job site clean-up and as an integral part of the STONE CARE SOLUTIONS Maintenance System. HURRICANE™ is safe to use on:

  • granite
  • marble
  • polished limestone
  • terrazzo
  • flagstone
  • clay tile
  • terra cotta
  • quarry tile
  • cantera
  • ceramic tile
  • porcelain
  • slate
  • pavers
  • grout
  • concrete
  • masonry.


For soil removal, job site clean-up, and /or grout film removal:
1 part of Hurricane™ 8-10 parts of warm water for light soil removal.
1 part of Hurricane™ 4-7 parts of warm water for moderate soil removal.
1 part of Hurricane™ 2-3 parts of warm water for heavy soil removal.

For periodic intensive cleaning:
1 part of HURRICANE™ 12 parts of cool or warm water for light soil removal .
After diluting the chemical, apply the solution to the surface using a mop, sponge, or sprayer and agitate briskly with a mop or scrub brush.
Allow to dwell for 10 minutes; vacuum and rinse well with clean water and vacuum again.