Leopard L-2 Pink Crystallizer



L-2 Pink Crystallizer 1.32gal / LEOPARD

  • Cristalizador Leopardo Rosa

  • Marble / Terrazzo Floor Crystallizer

L-2 Pink Crystallizer for terrazzo, limestone, and marble. A crystallizer specially formulated for vitrifying big surfaces. It provides the pavement with the needed waterproofing and hardness for high traffic resistance. It neither slides nor marks footprints.


Shake the product vigorously and use it pure.

Instructions for use:

Pour or squirt a small quantity of “L-2 Pink Crystallizer” on 3 or 4 m2 (10 to 15 sq feet), and with a rotary machine provided with steel wool, spread uniformly from left to right and from top to bottom, until it dries and the expected shine appears. Repeat the process at least twice.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs