Rhino White Crystallizer

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Rhino White Crystallizer 1 gal

  • 1 Gal. (3,78 L)
  • The Rhino Crystallizer gives floors an incredible shine!
  • Ideal for Marble, Terrazzo, Onyx, Cuban tile.

Spray a small quantity of Rhino Crystallizer onto the floor.

With a floor polishing machine and medium steel wool pad spread the product quickly and evenly over the surface with slower movements until the required luster is achieved. This operation can be repeated as many times as you wish.  Going onto the floor twice should be enough. The result should be a very high gloss shine which may be described as the wet look.   Noye: For better grip spray a smaller amount of Rhino Pink and follow the same process..
2000 sq. ft. per 1 gallon when using first time 4000 sq. ft. per 1 gallon when used for maintenance.