Tenax Titanium Vinyl Ester Flowing Adhesive 1Lt


Tenax Titanium Vinyl Ester Flowing Adhesive Adhesive

Tenax Titanium Vinyl Ester Flowing is an adhesive developed with the latest Vinyl Ester technology.
Titanium is ideal for granite, marbles, quartz, ceramic, and quartzite materials

  1. seaming
  2. laminations
  3. miter cuts
  4. chip repair


The color is transparent with a slight blue-purple.
Titanium does not darken after cure, and it is superb on white and light-colored marble, quartz and quartzite materials and takes color very well for darker stones.
It’s also
very fast and has excellent workability. 

It stays a flowing consistency even after adding the hardener.  Tenax Titanium has excellent adhesion in a short amount of time, enabling the stone to be handled quickly, even at low temperatures.

During Curing: The glue will change color but will return to the original color after a few minutes.
This action is used as a catalyst reaction indicator. 

  • Tenax Titanium contains a UV absorber. 
  • Exceptional strength for CNC and line machine use right after cure. 
  • Excellent for indoor applications and outdoor applications that stay above 32°
  • Excellent adhesion in a short amount of time
  • Superb on white and light material
  • Colors easily


The surface must be dry, clean, and dust-free.
Add the coloring paste to the resin before mixing it with the catalyst. (only when adding color)

An excess of coloring paste may affect the final product, and as a result, the product will not dry correctly.
The mixing ratio of resin to catalyst is 100:2/3 (see chart below).
Stir vigorously and apply. Do not place unused products back in the can.
After every use, sealed tightly.

25°C = 77°F


Keep away from heat, humidity, and sun.
Tenax Titanium will last at least ten months if kept between 68°F – 77°F.


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Weight 2.7 lbs