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Hundreds of USES ! Apply Varnish, Smooth Woodwork, Buff Furniture, Clean Tools, Sand Wood or Metal, Remove Splatters, Restore Aluminum, Polish Golf Clubs, Remove Stains, Brighten Metal, Eliminate Rust, Clean Bowling Balls, Strip Paint, Prep Woodwork, Degloss Surfaces .. . . . . .

Steel wool has a gentle abrasiveness quality. The wire shaving process produces fibers that have geometric cross sections. The result is that each metal wool fiber has several long, sharp cutting edges. Unlike sandpaper and other grit-based abrasives that scratch away material with sharp points, metal wool fibers perform like thousands of microscopic scrapers or planes on a surface. The result is a smoother surface after sanding and a better result after finishing. Fine metal wools are even used to clean glass and polish fine wood articles.

The standard format for steel wool in bulk is the 5 pound reel. The 5lb reel of metal wool is approximately 1/2″ thick by 4″ wide and is wound onto a 2-3/8″ ID fiber core to an outside diameter of about 12″ and weighing exactly 5 pounds net. The web is approximately 25 feet per pound.

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Weight 5 lbs