5X Polishing Powder 44 lbs

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5X Polishing Powder 44 lbs
Marble Polishing Powder  / Polvo Amarillo de Pulir
5X polishing powder is a blend of high-quality polishing materials that is very effective on polishing all marbles, limestone, terrazzo and other calcium-containing stone or properly honed concrete.

This product will pop an amazing shine quickly.

5X polishing powder for marble is used as a final step in achieving the high reflectivity finish that is seen on polished marble tiles and slabs.
Use the 5X powder with water and a buffing pad to get an excellent result.

Rapid Results
Highest Quality Formulation
Removes Light Scratches & Etch Marks
Professional Grade
Contractor’s Top Choice
Provides Mirror-Like Results

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Weight 45 lbs