Lanco® SiliconFlex™


Lanco SiliconFlex

Lanco® SiliconFlex™ is an acrylic modified with silicon sealant to seal and waterproof joints.
It combines in a single component the advantages of permanent adhesion and UV resistance of acrylic, with the flexibility and durability of silicone.

Lanco SiliconFlex Caulk is a high-performance, elastomeric sealant with permanent adhesion, permanent flexibility, and lifetime durability of silicone sealants. Will not crack, crumble or peel even when exposed to severe weather or total joint movements.

Adheres to:
Painted or unpainted, glass-wood-metal-brick-concrete-drywall- tile marble -plastic

Available at Kong Restoration Depot in Ultra White & Ultra Clear other colors might be available please call for pricing and availability.