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SuperLUX Self Polishing Sealer By Bellinzoni

SuperLUX Self Polishing Sealer is a liquid product studied to polish and boost the color of every stone material; it protects and polishes marble, granite and stones edges.
The application of SuperLux E3 makes the polishing of treated materials unnecessary.

SuperLUX E3 is particularly suitable to be used on corners and edges, it strongly enhances color and shine to material smoothed up to 800 grit.

It is better applied on the surface with a microfiber or sprayer.

The surface must be clean and dry; stains, mildew, crusting must be scraped off otherwise theywill be harder to remove.
The application can be done by microfiber, by roller or by spray gun. It is suggested, when possible, to apply the product by cloth directly on the surface to be polished.

Categories: Granite, Granite Polishing, Marble, Marble Polishing, Professional Polisher

Note: The product is intended for small jobs, edges, and frames.


Producto líquido autoabrillantador para pulir e intensificar el color de cualquier material de piedra. Protege y pule la superficie y costas de mármol y piedra en general, hace innecesario el pulido mecánico posterior.
SUPERLUX E3 está especialmente indicado para su uso en las esquinas y las costas, acentuando mucho el color y el brillo del material pulido hasta grano 800.

Para un tratamiento rápido y duradero, está disponible la version spray, que evita emplear pinceles y trapos y consigue alcanzar zonas que con otros sistemas serian inacesibles.