Tenax Travertine filler Buff Adhesive 1Lt

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Tenax Travertine filler Buff Adhesive 1Lt

Tenax Travertine filler Buff is a semisolid adhesive used to horizontally repair, rebuild, glue, and fill travertine, as well as similar stones.

This filler is a semisolid consistency that is smooth and easy to spread. It is used to fill all-size holes in travertine and will accept a polish.

Not suitable for temperatures below 32°.
Recommended for interior use.
Other colors are available upon special request.


Make sure the surface to be treated is dry, clean, and free of dust. If adding coloring paste do so before mixing with catalyst. An excess of coloring paste may affect the final product so use caution. Mix the catalyst with glue at 2 -3 parts to 100 parts of glue in weight. Stir vigorously and apply. Apply a slight excess to account for shrinkage. Let the filler dry until the excess can be cut off with a razor blade. Remove leftover traces with acetone. Do not place unused products back in the can. Make sure the can is sealed tightly after use.


Keep away from heat, humidity, and sun. The product will last at least 6 months if kept between 65° – 77°.


Please read the safety data sheet before using it.


White –  Black – Travertine Buff – Buff – Transparent

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Weight 4.5 lbs


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