Wood and Stone Quick Water Clear Adhesive 1qt Flowing

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Wood and Stone Quick Water Clear Adhesive 1qt Flowing

Transparent Flowing 1 Quart Adhesive

Transparent Flowing Polyester Glue products are polyester-based adhesives designed for use with natural stone, especially marble. They are two-part honey-colored adhesives. They are translucent, fast setting, and easy to apply. Transparent Flowing Polyester Glue is a medium viscosity fluid similar to thin syrup. All the formulations are cured using a benzoyl peroxide hardening paste.


Transparent Flowing Polyester Glue formulations are best suited for interior applications on natural or cast stone, especially marble. They may be used for consolidating or laminating slabs, bonding or patching broken stones, reinforcing fragile material, and filling porous or chipped stones. Each individual product is best suited for the following applications:

Transparent Flowing Polyester Glue is ideal for general repair and bonding of horizontal pieces. It may be used to fill large cracks or holes and to provide protective coatings. Imitation stone can easily be made by adding it to stone powder. Adding quartz sand in a ratio of 1:3 to 1:4 produces artificial resin mortar.

Transparent Flowing Polyester Glue products are easily colored to match any stone using our Wood & Stone Polyester Coloring Pastes. The best shade can be obtained by mixing the product to a shade slightly darker than the actual stone color.

Directions for Use:


All surfaces must be dry and free of grease, oil, efflorescence, and dust. Transparent Flowing Polyester Glue products will bond to most surfaces; however, a dry surface will provide the best results. Because our products do not bond with polyethylene plastics, containers of this material are ideal for mixing purposes.


If needed, add Wood & Stone Polyester Coloring Pastes to the mastic before mixing the mastic with the hardening paste. The correct amount of hardener is 2% to 4% of mastic by weight; this is approximately a 1/2″ to 1″ bead of hardener for every tablespoon of mastic. Additional hardener speeds the curing time, but causes a deeper yellowing and reduces the bond strength. Too little hardener will result in a mixture that will not cure. Ambient temperature also affects the curing time. Warmer temperatures speed the curing process, while temperatures below 32°F (0°C) will require heating the mixture to start the curing process. The product should be mixed thoroughly and will remain workable until gelling occurs, at which point the product becomes rubbery and excess material may be removed with a razor or chisel. The product should not be worked once gelling has begun.

When bonding stones together, clamps and jigs should be used to ensure a thin bond layer (less than 0.016 inches/0.4 mm) is achieved, thereby providing the strongest bond. After curing, the stone piece may be further processed without damaging the material.


After use, equipment may be cleaned with toluene or acetone. Hands should be cleaned with a Waterless Hand cleaner or an appropriate solvent .

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