Sellostamp Floor Acrylic Sealer 5gal Tank


Sellostamp Clear Acrylic Sealer Floor Acrylic Sealer / Stone Acrylic Sealer 


Sellostamp is a water-based surface covering sealer or Floor Acrylic sealer based on acrylic resins. It is applied to cure the pores of the surface by providing a highlighted appearance on a desired texture and color on floors or coatings.
Size: 5gal tank. Also Available in 1gal bottles

Surfaces: Concrete, pavers, brick, coral stone, wood, stamped concrete, laja, raquira and more.

Sellostamp is easy to apply. Great products to give your bathroom stones that fresh look. It prevents fungus and super easy to clean. Use it for your front door pavers, around your pool area, garden stones, pots, wood decks and more.


  • Highlights finishing and coloring of the surface applied which provides a lively gloss appearance.
  • Easy to use, no need to mix with other products.
  • It seals the pores of the surface providing a shield against water, dust, stains, oil, grease, fungus, etc.
  • Works through absorption and becomes an integral part of the surface

Storage: Keep stored indoors in a dry environment away from extreme temperatures

Coverage: 250 – 450 sq. ft. depending on the method of application

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Weight 42 lbs